Etarminer  v1.9

Ethereum miner for Nvidia graphics cards

How to start mining








01/ Wallet

To start of mining, you need a ether wallet. Options ethereum wallet for a great many, both for desktop and mobile devices. There are also extensions for Chrome browser, which also allows you to create and manage your wallets.

Important! After creating a wallet, be sure to store it in a safe place Private Key of your wallet. Without it, you will not be able to access to the wallet, in case of unforeseen circumstances.

After creating a purse you will have a unique number in the 40 hexadecimal characters.

There are also pools in which the payment is made on the Bitcoin wallet, for example Nicehash pool. If you plan to work with such pools, you need to acquire and Bitcoin wallet.

02/ Miner

Download actual version Etarminer link.

The archive contains the Readme file in Russian and English language, which will help to set up a working miner. Also included is an application Etarstat remote management and collection of statistics miners.
Next, you need to choose the pool where you will mining ether.
Etarminer supports most popular pools:

  • dwarfpool
  • nicehash
  • coinmine
  • ethermine
  • coinotron
  • ethermine
  • digger
  • minergate
  • suprnova

You can also use other pools, if the data transmission protocol they similar to those that support the miner. Examples configured .bat files for different pools are in the archive. You only need to change their authorization data (account wallet, username, password, and so on.)
Description of command line options is in the Readme file.

For remote control and management miner use the application Etarstat, which is also stored in the archive with miner.
How to use the application is written in the Readme file and in the Help tab of the application.
Etarstat allows you to monitor the work of miners, from anywhere in the world. By default, the connection uses the port 10001. The port number can be changed on the command line options miners Etarminer.

03/ Tips

  • If your GPU has low performance, use the pools with dynamic complexity, for example minergate, nicehash, suprnova and others.
  • Disable the miner server, if you do not use the application Etarstat to save resources.
    This can be done using -ess 0 parameter in the command-line options miners.
  • Setting miners start with setting -wsz option globally for all GPU or -wszg for single GPU.
    These values must be multiples of 32. Start with a value of 64. The value is adjusted to obtain the maximum hashrate.
    Then you can set the values -int -intg or to increase the intensity of mining (default 18). Setting a value greater than 20 and less than 8 are not recommended.
  • Dynamically change the intensity of mining, if necessary.
    Reyboard key [g] GPU choice. Key [+] to increase the intensity and the [-] key to reduce.
  • For best results, use the Windows7 x64